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BrandTech Day is THE entrepreneurial mini-conference of the year - connecting Atlanta's (and some of the world's!!) savviest marketers, tech experts, businesses and entrepreneurs so they can easily build the strategies, relationships and expertise they need to rapidly accelerate business growth. This event brings innovative branding and technology experts together on 22 October 2022 for a one-day journey of providing real, practical and affordable help to Atlanta's business owners and beyond.


We will share our 2022 Speakers here once released, but in the meantime, you can check out our past speakers below:

Shellye Archambeau - BrandTech Day Keynote Speaker

Shellye Archambeau | San Francisco Bay Area

One of high tech's first female African-American CEOs, BrandTech Day Keynote Speaker Shellye Archambeau is a recognized global business leader whose name frequently appears in Forbes, the New York Times, Business Insider and more. Shellye's on the board of Fortune 500 Verizon and Nordstrom as well. While many know of Archambeau's tremendous accomplishments as a trailblazing female executive pioneer, few know the backstory of the shy, gangly black girl who set her sights on becoming a CEO at sixteen years old. Shellye turned that ambition into a practical and focused action plan to build massive success. Her message is clear: no matter who you are or where you come from, you have the right to live the life you want.

@shelarchambeau |

BrandTech Day VIP Attendees will receive a signed copy of Shellye's new book "Unapologetically Ambitious" - to be released just days before BrandTech Day kicks off! VIP'ers also get an exclusive invitation to a fireside chat with the keynote.

dennis ross keynote speaker brandtech day mini-conference

Dennis Ross | Atlanta

As the founder of, Dennis Ross serves authors and corporations from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. For them, he creates compelling stories used to sell their products and services. As a ghostwriter for thought-leaders, Dennis has written more than 15 books from business to law, self-help to biographies. His innovative approach to story creation is based on a renaissance professional history. One that extends from writing for the best-selling R&B group of all time, Boyz II Men, to heading an equity derivatives division of a biotech pharmaceutical hedge fund. Dennis has a BA in Speech/Rhetoric from Georgia State University and resides in Atlanta, Georgia. 

@dennisrossiii |

BrandTech Day Goes Global?!

Since we're virtual this year, we were wondering: could we get someone from every state at BrandTech? Could we get someone from every continent?! Help us! Who do you know in Mississippi, Kansas or the UK? This is gonna be fun...

Map of BrandTech Day Attendees (as of 29 Sept 2020)

Overall, the presenters were top notch, insightful, informative, professional and relatable. I enjoyed each of the workshops immensely!

— 2019 BrandTech Day Survey Respondent


Our 2020 workshop details are coming soon. Stay tuned to this area, our social media and our email announcements for details as they are announced. Topics include: Social Media, Advertising, Video, Branding Your Business, Tech, Legal, Influencer Marketing, PR and more.

amani channel brandtech day speaker

Amani Channel
Video Confidence Workshop
Atlanta, GA

Andréa Raquel moderator brandtech day 2020

Andréa Raquel
Legal Influencer Panel
Charlottesville, VA

audrey bell-kearney brandtech day speaker

Audrey Bell-Kearney
Google Voice Workshop
Atlanta, GA

autumn jones brandtech day mini-conference speaker

Autumn Jones
Legal Influencer Panel
Louisville, KY

bobby robinson brandtech day 2020

Bobby Robinson
Legal Panel
Charlotte, NC

courtnei maxwell brandtech day 2020

Courtnei Maxwell
Dream Office Building Design Panel
Atlanta, GA

dar'shun kendrick brandtech day speaker

Dar'shun Kendrick
Tech Funding Workshop
Atlanta, GA

derek hairston jr panelist brandtech day mini-conference

Derek Hairston, Jr.
Social Media Panel
Atlanta, GA

diana gladney brandtech day 2020 mini-conference speaker

Diana Gladney
YouTube Workshop
Atlanta, GA

ernie suggs brandtech day panelist

Ernie Suggs
PR Panel
Atlanta, GA

harold alexander brandtech day mini-conference speaker

Harold Alexander
Tech Workshop
Atlanta, GA

harold reid pr speaker brandtech day 2020 mini-conference

Harold Reid
PR Panel
Atlanta, GA

jon exume brandtech day panelist

Jon Exume
Tech Talk Panel
Atlanta, GA

keia mcswain panelist brandtech day 2020

Keia McSwain
Dream Office Building Panel
Denver, Colorado

kelebogile makhafola brandtech day speaker

Kelebogile Makhafola
Brand Workshop
Johannesburg, South Africa

letonya moore brandtech day panelist

Letonya Moore
Legal Panel
Harvest, AL

lisa white brandtech day 2020

Lisa White
Dream Office Building Panel
Atlanta, GA

marc johnson brandtech day dream office building panel

Marc Johnson
Dream Office Building Panel
Atlanta, GA

maria white tillman brandtech mini-conference panelist

Maria White Tillman
PR Panel
Atlanta, GA

martin chaplin - brandtech day speaker

Martin Chaplin
BrandTech Day Tech Speaker and Panelist
Atlanta, GA

monica howard brandtech day mini-conference

Monica Howard
Social Media Panel
Atlanta, GA

morgan wider brandtech day mini-conference speaker

Morgan Wider
Image & Personal Branding Workshop
Atlanta, GA

quinn green moderator brandtech day 2020

Quinn Green
Dream Office Building Panel
Atlanta, GA

raquel hill moderator brandtech day mini-conference

Raquel Hill
Social Media Panel
Atlanta, GA

rashad davis brandtechday 2020

Rashad Davis
Social Media Panel
Atlanta, GA

renee malone brandtech day panelist

Renee Malone
PR Panel
Memphis, TN

roberto blake speaker brandtech day 2020 mini-conference

Roberto Blake
Legal Influencer Panel
Atlanta, GA

roy broderick jr brandtech day 2020

Roy Broderick, Jr.
Brand Identity Workshop
Atlanta, GA

roy hodge brandtech day mini-conference speaker

Roy Hodge
Cloud Software Workshop
Toledo, OH

stephanie rollins speaker brandtech day mini-conference

Stephanie Rollins
Chat Bots Workshop
Atlanta, GA

terri brooks brandtech day 2020

Terri Brooks
Dream Office Building Panel
Atlanta, GA

travis & troy nunnally brandtech day workshop speakers

Travis & Troy Nunnally
SaaS Workshop
Atlanta, GA

zach farley brandtech day speaker

Zach Farley
Tech Workshop
Atlanta, GA


BrandTech Day is an immersive and invaluable experience that's going virtual! This year's mini-conference will be held on Zoom.

At the very start, BrandTech Day will have insightful, knowledgeable and inspiring speakers providing insight from years of industry experience. The one-day mini-conference is designed to hit the most important aspects of branding and technology for small businesses — from generating traffic, to designing an app to optimizing your personal website for SEO. 

We will share our updated 2022 agenda once released. In the meantime, you can check out our 2020 agenda below:

Pre-Conference Activities

Thurs. 11:30am ET - Using Twitter for Conferences by Nathalie Gregg
Every major conference has a healthy amount of activity on Twitter and for good reason - it's the fastest, easiest way to share quotables from speakers you hear, nuggets learned, etc. Join Twitter Expert Nathalie Gregg as she shows you how to make the most of your conference experience using Twitter.

Fri. 6:00pm ET - Mental Health Paint Break Nina Alexis & Jaaz Jones
Let your hair down and get your mind right for tomorrow's mini-conference with Nina and Jaaz! Grab a paint brush and get creative with Nina while Jaaz helps unwind you with easy mindfulness activities. Don't miss this!


Morning Sessions

9:30am - Virtual Art Gallery
Check out our exclusively curated art gallery for the day, designed by Natassha Jordan-Chambliss of Lines Gallery here in ATL.

10:00am - Opening Keynote: Dennis Ross
Hear the flow of the day, get introduced to your conference hosts and kick this day off right with our Opening Keynote.

15 min break

11:00am - Workshop Set 1

5 min break: grab your lunch and come join us at the noonday keynote!

Afternoon Sessions

12:00pm - NOONDAY Keynote
Shellye Archambeau: "Unapologetically Ambitious"

15 min break

1:00pm - Workshop Set 2 / Fireside Chat
General and All-Access Attendees will go to workshops. VIP Attendees will go to our exclusive Fireside Chat room for an intimate, post-keynote discussion with Shellye Archambeau.

5 min break

2:00pm - Workshop Set 3 / Exhibitor Hall & Art Gallery
Attendees can go between workshops and the Exhibitor Hall & Art Gallery at this time.

5 min break

3:00pm - Closing Session

5 min break

3:45pm - BrandTech Day Consultations
Consultations are for All-Access and VIP Ticket Holders only.

**Info is subject to change. Please check back for updates.


This is your chance to get your branding and tech issues resolved in your business so you can step up to your next level in life. Engage in tailored, one-on-one consultation sessions with our BrandTech experts who will help you with your practical business growth needs right now. Get 3 consult sessions included with your All-Access or VIP-level ticket. Check out our 2020 consultants below:

Akita Patterson

AKITA PATTERSON Experiential Marketing Development Network

Experiential Marketing, Event Marketing

Audrey Bell-Kearney

Noise Media Network

Podcasting, Streaming Media

Chris Jones

SeeJones Creative

Graphic Design, Imagery

derek hairston jr brandtech day mini-conference


Facebook & Instagram Ads

Harold Alexander

HAROLD ALEXANDER Underground App  

Apps Developer, Tech

Kimberly Starks

Blue Scorpion Reputation Management

PR, Research @bluescorpionRM

lorena douglas mita agency brandtech day 2020

The MITA Agency  

Mobile Marketing, Registration  

Maya Dukes


Branding, Marketing

monica howard brandtech day 2020

Monica Howard Social Media Services 

Social Media

Nina Alexis

The Alexis Agency 

Graphic Design, Imagery

rashad davis brandtech day 2020

T86 Marketing 

Social Media

Renee Malone Consultant BrandTech Day Mini-Conference

KQ Communications 

PR, Digital Storytelling

REH Systems 

IT Infrastructure

Sandra Wills

The Graphics House

Email Marketing, Graphic Design @thegraphicshous

Shaun St. Hill

Tech & Main

Cyber Security, Cloud

Tawni Fears

The Tawni Logues

Copywriting, Editing

Yardyne Day

New Day Promotional Products

Printing, Promotional Items
New Day Promotional Products

Zach Farley

zCode Solutions  

Developer, Web apps


First, be sure to purchase an All Access Ticket to BrandTech Day. If you already purchased a General Access ticket, click here to upgrade your ticket (scroll to bottom of ticket screen for the upgrade option). Next, click below to share information you want your consultant to see prior to your workshop: your website link, links to your social media pages, etc. You can also describe and share a specific problem in the comments section as well as indicate the consultants you'd like to meet with if you happen to have a preference. You'll also indicate what workshops you'll be attending so we can schedule your consultation(s) around your chosen workshop times. 

Finally, we will pair you with one of our consultants above to meet with on BrandTech Day to specifically discuss your branding and/or technology issues for your busineses. Please look out for a confirmation email with your personalized agenda for BrandTech Day.


Choose Your Level

We're providing you with three levels of access to BrandTech Day 2020. Pick the one that's right for you and your business!

General Access Ticket BrandTech Day 2020

With a General Access Ticket, you can hear all BrandTech Day Keynotes, participate in all workshops, hangout in the Exhibitor Gallery, enjoy the Art Gallery, get your BrandTech Day 2020 Virtual Package and enter the BrandTech Day Facebook Group for pre-event networking.

$85* prior to 22 Oct.

All-Access Ticket BrandTech Day 2020

An All-Access BrandTech Day 2020 Ticket grants you everything included with the General Access level plus three included BrandTech Day Consult Sessions with the branding and technology experts of your choice. Use your consults for one-on-one attention to up-level your business.

$97* prior to 22 Oct.

VIP Ticket BrandTech Day 2020

With VIP access, you get everything included in the All-Access level plus an exclusive VIP BrandTech Day Welcome Package mailed to you, access to the VIP Fireside Chat with Noonday Keynote and a VIP Meet & Greet before BrandTech Day on 22 October, 2022.

$117* prior to 22 Oct.**

*Note: ABC Members enjoy special ticket rates (listed at checkout). **Tickets are not on sale yet - we will update this page when tickets are available for 2022.


You've never gotten this at a mini-conference before.

BrandTech Day 2020 VIP Welcome Package

When you sign up for your VIP ticket to BrandTech Day 2020, we'll put you on our special VIP list to receive The BrandTech Day VIP Welcome Package. It includes all KINDS of goodies:

A signed copy of Noonday Keynote Shellye Archambeau's newly released book "Unapologetically Ambitious"
A Super Fabulous BrandTech Day T-Shirt
An exclusive VIP BrandTech Day Coffee Mug
Your BrandTech Day Printed Program complete with speaker details
BrandTech Day 2020 Sponsorship Goodies for VIPers only

You also get access to our VIP Fireside Chat with Noonday Keynote Shellye Archambeau - open only to VIP members immediately after the noonday session.

BrandTech Day VIP Welcome Pack

Meet our 2020 BrandTech Day Sponsors:

brandtech day 2020 sponsors
brandtech day 2020 sponsors


BrandTech Day 2020 sponsorships offer a valuable opportunity to showcase your brand and gain targeted exposure to our industry experts, thought leaders, bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, trailblazing entrepreneurs, and potential customers. Our 2019 sponsors included the likes of VMware, TalkDesk, Infinity and small businesses alike. Will yours be spotlighted at BrandTech Day 2020? Don't waste anymore precious promotional time - sponsor today!


BrandTech Day Planning Team

Without the dedicated members within the MCAT who fomed the BrandTech Day planning committee this conference wouldn't be possible. Thank you members of MCAT for all your hardwork! Check out our 2020 Team!

Andrea D. Smith BrandTech Day Mini-Conference Organizer

Andrea TheoJohn
BrandTech Day Chair

The ADS Agency | @theadsagency

Harold Alexander
BrandTech Day Tech Lead


Roy Hodge
ABC Tech Lead

REH Systems Solutions

Akita Patterson, Experimental Marketing Development Network 
Audrey Bell-Kearney, Noise Media Network
Kimberly Starks, Blue Scorpion Reputation Management
Lorena Douglas, The MITA Agency
Nina Alexis, The Alexis Agency
Raquel Hill, RaquelHill Co
Sandra Wills, The Graphics House
Shaun St. Hill, Tech and Main
Zach Farley, zCode Solutions

Note: photos and links to contact info for planning team
members can be found in the
Consultants section.


About the ABC

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The BrandTech Day Mini-Conference is the signature event of the MCAT (Marketing, Communications, Advertising and Tech) Committee of the Atlanta Black Chambers. The Chambers' mission is to create opportunities for our members in the areas of Business, Community and Government.